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Tattoo Shop Mystery series

“There’s been a murder!”
“I’m a tattoo artist, but sure, I will solve the murder.”
(After she is told numerous times to butt out, she solves the murder.)
“Now it’s time to get another tattoo for myself.”

(about the Tattoo Shop Mystery series)



…In Death series

“I want to shag you.”
“But I have murders to solve.”
“Okay, I have a minute now.”

(The real deal)

Death and the Penguin

“I write obituaries.”
(A penguin walks through the house.)
“Turns out I write obituaries for the mafia.”
(A penguin looks at refrigerator.)
“I’m in big trouble.”
(A penguin wants a bath.)
“I think I know a way out.”
(A penguin looks up at…

the owl & the seahorse

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